The days of the landline are beginning to fade. The majority of subscribers seem to be older Americans still holding on to what they have always known which is a dependable way of reaching the outside world. The first wireless phone introduced way back when started the decline in plain old telephone service or pots. Then came pagers where text could be transmitted without making a call. Followed by blackberry phones and Apple’s launch of its first iPhone. Today we have the ability for a call to ring anywhere without being tied down to any one location thanks to VOIP. This technology will carry us into the future with very little boundaries and the ability to scale with the newer demands required by business and people alike. What is now more important than ever is keeping a constant and reliable broadband connection. VOIP is reliant on data communication and can fail if said data connection does as well. I think it is a great technology and If made available from a top tier system and traveling over reliable broadband there really isn’t need for a Pots line anymore. Change is part of life. Those who can’t adapt make it difficult on others as well. Soon you will see the majority of what the FCC considers as Legacy systems will be shut down and those who oppose it will just have to make due with the newer technology as supporting a service with few subscribers doesn’t make sense.