I have found many sites offering free storage. All you have to do is sign up with a valid email address. The 2 easiest to use is google drive and OneDrive. You get 15Gb of free storage and an email address with google. With OneDrive you get 5G of free storage space and is available as a local drive on wins 10 which will auto sync any file you place in it with online storage. Box is also offering 10G of free storage as well. If that is not enough then head on over to pCloud where they offer end to end encryption and 20 G of free cloud storage. Dropbox does offer free cloud storage but it is limited to 2G. 4Shared provides 15G of free cloud storage plus the ability to transfer shared content directly to your cloud. Mega provides a generous 50G of free cloud storage and end to end encryption plus the ability to store the encryption key locally so no one can change your password. The last free service to tie all these storage providers is Otixo. With this service you can access all those previously mentioned clouds and transfer to and from each one plus create a shared folder to invite people to to view and download  your files.